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What is Yumtake?
Yumtake was created in Early 2013 to provide a platform for distributing freebies, coupons, coupon codes and take paid surveys.

Our Aim?

We understand Hong Kong people have busy lives and have no time to queue up for freebies on the street or search through newspapers or magazines cutting out coupons that they want. At Yumtake, we gather all the hottest freebies and offers for members, as well as providing survey reward for them to redeem cash coupons by participating surveys.

All offers at Yumtake are absolutely “FREE” at no hidden costs notes 1 and 2.


How to Yumtake?
Once registered as a Yumtake member, you may log onto our platform anytime and anywhere to “Yumtake” any offers found on our website. Members may also complete surveys or missions to earn Yumtake Gold, hence redeem cash coupons or other rewards.

If you would like to find out more about “How to Yumtake”, please click [here].

How could I get the latest Yumtake offer or updates from?
Our latest offers will be frequently updated on our Facebook and Instagram page. In order to keep in touch with all the latest offers and deals, please follow our social media page [here].


Note 1: No hidden cost by us, Yumtake (HK) Company Limited.
Note 2: Delivery costs are optional and may apply.

Note 3: Offers are only available for Hong Kong residents.